Nettle & Leather Wallet
Nettle & Leather Wallet

Nettle & Leather Wallet

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Handcrafted Stinging Nettle & Buffalo Leather Wallet

- Strong and durable stinging nettle fibre 

- Trimmed with black buffalo leather

- 3 card compartments

- zippered coin pouch

- 2 sleeves behind card holders

- 2 full size note sleeves


- Measures approx 12.5cm L x 9cm H 

The indigenous stinging nettle grows prolifically in the remote high altitude forests of North East Nepal. It's unique fibre has been extracted, spun and woven by the Rai, Magar and Gurung people for centuries, revered for it's light weight and strength.

The leather is sourced from the Sarki community in Sindhupalchowk village, near the Tibet border. The Sarki people are a marginalised ethnic caste of people whose traditional leathersmith trade of shoes, farming harnesses has severely diminished due to modern fabric alternatives. The leather is tanned organically using the leaves and bark of the local sustainable 'Dhairo' bush. It has been softened and protected with mustard oil.

Handmade with love using traditional techniques by the skilled artisans of certified WFTO Fairtrade non profit organisation Mahaguhti in Kathmandu, Nepal