Prayer Flag Banner

Prayer Flag Banner

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Dar-chog (vertical) in Tibetan

Has ties to mount to a pole. 

The colourful prayer cloths are believed to have originated pre-Buddhism in Tibet (the Bon period) They are hung outdoors, as high as possible to catch the wind. It is believed the wind carries the prayers of peace, compassion, strength and wisdom to all beings.

Traditionally features the wind horse (Lung-ta) at the centre, representing uplifting energy and good fortune.

Surrounding the powerful wind horse are various mantras of the 3 great Bodhisaatvas (Padmasambhava, Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri)

It is considered auspicious for the flags to fade and to lose threads. This shows that the prayers have become a part of the universe.

The five colours represent the elements and the Five Pure Lights;

Blue = sky and space                       White = Air and wind                     Red = fire     

Green = water                      Yellow = earth

According to traditional Tibetan medicine, health & harmony are achieved through the balance of these elements.

It is auspicious to receive prayer flags as a gift.The best time to hang new prayer flags is in the morning of a sunny windy day.  

Prayer flags should be never be on the ground and old flags should be burned if being replaced.                                                             

 It is especially auspicious to hang new ones on Tibetan New Year – Losar (Feb/March)