Fathfully Religionless by Timber Hawkeye

Fathfully Religionless by Timber Hawkeye

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Timber Hawkeye is the best selling author of Buddhist Boot Camp - one of my favourite and most read books. He offers an non-sectarian approach to being at peace with the world, both within and around us. His intention through his books and his podcasts is to awaken, enlighten, enrich and inspire.

Paperback / 137 pages

When his pursuit of happiness in Corporate America felt counter-productive, Timber escaped his fluorescent-lit cubicle in Seattle and set out to fully embrace the stress-free lifestyle of Hawaii. Intrigued and curious about what people believe (and why they believe what they do), he questions everything he ever thought was true and discovers the beauty of letting go.

If you consider yourself spiritual but not religious, then you are going to love this inspirational book. And if you want to lead a simple and uncomplicated life with happiness at your fingertips, then you'll want to read this page turner more than once!

"It's not that I'm against religion, I simply don't have one (nor do I believe that we need one to be ethical). My faith is doctrine-free, with a definition of God that doesn't conjure a white man in the sky who dispenses blessings for good behaviour and harsh judgements to condemn the bad. That's because I don't believe God does that; religion does. You see, faith is a spiritual practice of continually letting go of certainty, of ego, and the underlying need to know, while religion is a ceremonial tradition of hanging on, clinging to concrete dogmas, stubborn rigidity and ageless rituals."